To gather multiethnic communities of passionate Christ followers in North San Diego County who share the same 'DNA':
  • D rawn by the cross
  • N urtured in the Word
  • A ctive in worship, ministry and mission


  • is who the church is made up of
  • is valued regardless of ethnic or social background
  • is active in the life of the church, exercising their God-given talents and abilities

  • is when church happens
  • is for ministering to each other’s needs and fulfilling Christ's mission
  • is for ongoing spiritual growth and discipleship

  • is where church happens
  • is where you can meet with God
  • is where the DNA of Crossweave is replicated in other communities

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He [God] gave me a church and a beautiful Christian family that I love and cherish very much. I love all of you guys at Crossweave. You have been there for me and you all mean so much to me and the boys. ~ Maria

Since we found Crossweave, through my son, I go to church every Sunday and actually look forward to going.  The pastor and his wife are the most loving and accepting people I have ever known, and the entire church are great people.  I love them all and for the first time, I enjoy going to church.  Thanks to Crossweave and Yay God! ~ Delinda

I have never encountered a church with more heart, sincerity and love for God. After I started getting involved with Crossweave I recall thinking that these people truly care and that's actually pretty hard to find these days, even in church. They don't judge or criticize people because Crossweave is all about love—God’s! ~ Jenna